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7 Myths & Facts About Rental Equipment

Are you thinking about renting equipment for your next job or project? Before you do, let us clear up some myths and facts about renting so you can make your decision with confidence. With the right information, renting equipment can be a great solution that is cost effective and can make your rental experience easier…

Some of the most common myths about rental equipment:
  • Rental equipment is older model equipment that has seen better days.
  • Rental equipment is too expensive.
  • Rental fees are not a tax deductible expense.
  • You can only rent equipment over a long-term basis.
  • Rental period for equipment is calculated from the time you use the equipment.
  • You won’t be given and help or support with operating the equipment.
  • Rental companies don’t post rates online so they can add extras on the quote.
The facts are:
  • You can rent newer model, well maintained equipment for you job.
  • Renting equipment is a budget friendly way to manage a project.
  • Rental fees can be deducted from your business tax return.
  • Rental terms are flexible – daily, weekly, monthly rental rates available.
  • Rental period is calculated based on the time out, not the time it is used. *Some exceptions apply – ask us what they are.
  • Our staff can help explain the equipment functions & troubleshooting.
  • We provide our standard rates on our website and will provide a complete quote upon request. Simply give us a call.

Out with the Old – Mindset That Is

The Rise of Rentals

We are continuously growing our rental fleet. As an independently owned and operated local business, we strive to offer more choices of equipment to help you find what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help every step of the way.

While we have no way of knowing what the future holds and what factors may continue to influence and affect the construction industry into next year, one thing we know for sure is – renting equipment remains to be one of the best ways to stay productive, flexible and profitable amidst uncertainty.

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