Panel Lift – Cable Driven

Rental Rates
$15.00 / Half Day
$25.00 / Day
$40.00 / Weekend
$100.00 / Week
$300.00 / Month

  • A cable driven drywall lift that goes to 11 feet.
  • Works on walls, flat ceilings and cathedrals.
  • Tilts laterally 65° & longitudinally 10° for easy install & loading purposes.
  • Sheet an entire room without breaking your back.
  • Drywall lift can be assembled or disassembled in seconds with not tools required.
  • Tilting cradle brings loading height down to 34 inches for easy installation of drywall to walls. sloped or level ceilings up to 11-Feet tall.
  • Integral cradle outriggers extend to handle up to 4-by-16-foot sheets.
  • Disassembled unit fits into car trunk.
  • Maximum load rating of 150 pounds ensures plenty of support for lifting all standard drywall sheets.