Hotty Potty™ Optimum

Rental Rates
$250.00 / Day
$250.00 / Weekend
$250.00 / Week
$750.00 / Month

  • Fully self contained unit with a 98 gallon waste holding tank
  • 74 gallon heated fresh water holding tank
  • Sink, toilet & urinal have running water for flushing and rinsing
  • Estimated 260 uses before the need for pumping and refilling

Operator’s Manual
Hotty Potty Optimum Brochure

The Hotty Potty™ Optimum is the next generation of Hotty Potty units that are exclusively available at S&S Supply/Crosstown Rentals.

The Hotty Potty™ Optimum is a mini self-contained toilet that provides the freedom of a seperate urinal and a toilet. With a larger capacity, this unit provides the most satisfaction for your money. It complies with health and safety standards in terms of hygiene and allows users to wash their hands with warm running water. This unit contains a flushable toilet, urinal, interior and exterior lighting, a ventilating fan, adjustable thermostat heater, and much more. It is designed to uphold against Newfoundland & Labrador climates with the ability to maintain the interior temperature at 20°C when the outside temperature is -45°C. This is the next generation of portable washrooms that will surpass your expectations.

Additional information







Water tank capacty:

74 gallons

Waste tank capacty:

98 gallons

Estimated Uses:


Forced Air Heating System:

3,000 W

Power Source:

110/120V or 220/240V