Holder – S Series

Robust, powerful and all-terrain: The Holder S series multi-functional implement carriers are packed with power, with up to 129 HP. They’re built for year-round use in the toughest of conditions.

Holder S 75 Data Sheet
Holder S 100 Data Sheet


3 Attachment Areas
For flexibility when using high-performance attachments.

  • 2 standardized attachment areas (front and rear lift) as well as 3rd attachment area for hitching devices.
  • 1-person device mounting without tools.
  • Front power lift, can be moved three-dimensionally and is double-acting, with vibration damping, weight compensation.
  • Double-acting rear lift.
  • Front mechanical PTO shaft.
  • Three hydraulic circuits (120/40/25 l/min).
  • Five proportional control units, of which two can be operated at the same time.
Comfortable Cabin
Profit from a perfect view on attachments and maximum working comfort.

  • Spacious comfort cab with air conditioning and 360° panoramic view.
  • Side-opening windows.
  • 3 seat variants: Single seat, two seats and movable seat.
  • Air-suspension driver’s seat with seat heating, height-adjustable and length-adjustable, with longitudinal-horizontal suspension; optional 3-point safety belt.
  • Heated front windscreen and exterior mirrors.
  • LED driving and work lights.
  • DAB+ radio with Bluetooth hand-free equipment.
Ergonomic operating console
Maximum operating comfort for the driver thanks to individual setting options.

  • Single-handed operation via joystick.
  • Custom-programmable joystick.
  • Central touch display for operating all hydraulic functions.
  • Adjustable armrest fitted to the seat.
Easy service access
Daily servicing work is possible without disassembling the attachments.

  • Hydraulically tiltable engine compartment cover with integrated tipping framework (incl. hitched device).
  • Hydraulically tiltable cabin.
  • Pivoting and folding side panels on the right and left.
  • Battery for e.g. jump starting during winter is accessible from the outside.
  • Optional central lubrication system.
Powerful drive
Power, safety, comfort and convenience – both on the road and at work.

  • Two engine variants: 74.4 kW (101 HP) / 95 kW (129 HP).
  • Dual Drive: Maximum power and efficiency thanks to the combination of the advantages of a hydrostatic and a mechanical drive.
  • Mechanical differential lock for uniform power transmission during extremely heavy-duty applications.
  • Mechanical gear reduction for maximum thrust output and traction while working.
  • Electronic load limit control automatically regulates the travel speed while working and therefore allows for relaxed and non-tiring work.


Articulated Steering

  • Front and rear sections as well as front and rear attachment move in on line.
  • Ensures maneuverability, accuracy, directional stability, very small turning circles and optimum power transmission.
  • You benefit from: less maneuvering, less manual re-working, precise working close to the edge, protection of the soil and minimum tire abrasion.
Mechanical PTO shaft at front

  • Ensures constant power transmission to the attachments and a very high efficiency.
  • You benefit from: attachment of large and heavy devices, lower heat input into the hydraulics, longer work intervals, lower fuel consumption.
High performance hydraulics

  • Up to 120 liters/minute and 3 separate hydraulic circuits enable the operation of attachments with large oil quantities such as sweeping suctioning combination, together with other hydraulically operated attachments.
  • At the same time, a third application can be operated via the PTO shaft.
Quick change of attachments

  • Thanks to a sophisticated design with standardized interfaces, Holder attachments can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Front attachments are suspended on the front lift via two arrester hooks and fixed on the top link by means of bolts.
  • Rear attachments such as platform, container or spreader are simply placed on the slide-on frame and are fixed by means of two bolts.
  • Finally, the hydraulic hoses have to be attached to the non-drip plug-in couplings.
Four wheels of the same size

  • Ensure perfect traction, especially on a hill.
  • Even weight distribution across all four wheels.
  • You benefit from: increased climbing ability, optimum protection of the soil, low tire abrasion.
Mechanical differential lock

  • Ensures an even power transmission onto both axles under extreme conditions.
  • You benefit from: optimum traction, reduced accident risk; differential lock can be activated at any time via a toggle switch.
Permanent four-wheel drive

  • Ensures optimum power distribution on all four wheels.
  • You benefit from: maximum pulling force even on difficult soil, best traction, high climbing ability, optimum protection of the soil.
Stepless driving up to 40 km/h

  • No traction interruptions.
  • Transport: automotive driving via foot pedal.
  • Working: speed control via rotary potentiometer.
  • Alternatively, speed control via foot pedal at constant PTO shaft speed = SDS traction drive.
Electro-hydraulic attachment relief

  • Weight of the attachment can be transferred to the entire vehicle steplessly.
  • Due to the electro-hydraulic control, the composition of the soil is maintained optimally.
  • You benefit from: more traction on inclinations and for slippery ground, protection of the device (e.g. mulching), increased stability when turning around on a hillside.
Vibration damping via the front power lift

  • Ensures that the weight of the front device acts on the accumulator of the hydraulics when driving on the road.
  • The system dampens vibrations and balances most body movements of the vehicle on uneven roads or at high speeds.
  • You benefit from: excellent comfort for the driver and protection of the entire device when working and driving with heavy attachments.
Wheel load compensation

  • Ensures that all four wheels are in permanent contact with the ground, even in case of steep or uneven terrain and when driving over obstacles.
  • You benefit from: safety when turning on a hill, when driving over curb stones and when using large attachments with a high center of gravity. in addition, rolling movements are dampened when driving on the road.
Stepless transmission with mechanical axles

  • Carries out variable force distribution between the front and rear axle and ensures optimum power distribution across all four wheels.
  • In contrast to systems with wheel motors, the drive power is always applied to the axle with the greatest traction, which means that 100 % of the drive power is available at all times.
Multi-functional joystick

  • Ensures ergonomic operation of devices.
  • You benefit from: quick and accurate operation of all important functions.