Exhaust Fan – 12″

Rental Rates
$15.00 / Half Day
$25.00 / Day
$40.00 / Weekend
$100.00 / Week
$300.00 / Month

  • Ventilate, create negative pressure, or propel dry air in open areas.
  • Will ventilate confined spaces through up to 125 feet of ducting.
  • Max Rated CFM: 2,041.
  • Static Pressure: 3.2 inches (8.1 centimeters).

Used to push or pull air to create a positive or negative air displacement. The exhaust
fan can also be used as ventilators, circulators or simply as a fan. Perfect for use in applications such as exhausting
fumes, marine industry, ventilating confined spaces, spot cooling and perimeter crawl spaces.