Door Jam Saw

Rental Rates
$10.00 / Half Day
$15.00 / Day
$25.00 / Weekend
$60.00 / Week
$180.00 / Month

  • 13 Amp motor & 6 1/2″ diameter flush-cutting blade.
  • Cuts flush to floor to underlay vinyl along walls.
  • Doors as thick as 1-3/4″ can be undercut without removal.
  • Adjustable blade height: From flush to 1″ off the floor.

The Door Jam/Box Saw features a powerful 13 AMP motor and a compact design that can operate in tight areas such as closets or pantries. The saw can undercut doors in place, inside corners, and masonry walls and hearths. Blade height is adjustable from flush to the floor to as high as one inch. Doors as thick as 1-3/4 In. can be undercut without removal. The retractable stabilizer produces smooth, solid feel under load.