T-Top Delineator w/ 6.8 Kgs Base

– Meets NCHRP-350 Category 1 requirements.
– The T-top bollard design incorporates a handle for easy placement.
– The base is octagon shaped and made from re-recycled rubber.
– The base has a molded carrying handle design for easy placement.

Ideal for lane delineation, safety/hazard marking, etc…

Additional information


100% low-density polyethlene


Fluorescent orange with black base


1150 mm

Post Diameter:

100 mm

Bottom Flange Diameter:

160 mm

Base Size:

420×40 mm

Base Weight:

6.8 kgs

Total Weight:

7.8 kgs

Reflective Band:

Two 100 mm wide, Level 1, Class 1, high-intesity.

Top Band Position:

50 mm from the top of bollard

Bottom Band Position:

90 mm below the top band