Crack Filler Blocks – Direct Fired

– Durable, expandable, long lasting crack & join sealant.
– Cures to a non-tacky finish
– A joint ½” X ½” (12.7 mm X 12.7 mm) requires approximately 12.2 lb per 100 lineal feet or 18.2 kg per 100 lineal meters.
– Recommended Pouring Temperature 185°C (365°F)
– Maximum Safe Heating Temperature 200°C (392°F)
– Packaging: 2 x 25 lb. (2 x 11.33 kg) polybags in a high-strength corrugated cardboard container.

Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

MACSEAL DF is a single component joint and crack sealant specifically designed for use with direct fired, single walled melters.
MACSEAL DF is manufactured using select engineered asphalt cements, polymers, selected oils and UV inhibitors.
MACSEAL DF will not flow from the joint or be picked up by vehicle tires, foot traffic, skateboards or roller blade wheels in high surface temperatures.