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  • Backpack – 4 Stroke

    <ul> <li>4 damper springs mounted between the engine and the backpack frame reduce the vibration on the back of operator even during long hours.</li> <li>Cushioned back padding and shoulder straps, in addition to being well-ventilated, aid in effective sweat evaporation and to provide more operator comfort</li> <li>MM4 4-stroke engine for lower emissions and longer run time.</li> <li>Anti-Icing feature: You can open the anti-icing valve by simply turning a dial to supply warm air from the engine to prevent the carburetor from icing up under cold conditions.</li> <li>Extendable pipe and nozzle (3" extension).</li> <li>Anti-static – Users hand is protected from static electric shock by sufficient insulation distance between grip and nozzle.</li> <li>High Speed/High Air Volume</li> <li>Tube mounted throttle</li> <li>Carry handle for easy transport</li> <li>Primer Pump and automatic decompression valve are incorporated for ease of starting</li> </ul>
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  • Handheld – 4 Stroke

    <ul> <li>Exceeds Government Clean Air Emission Ratings</li> <li>4-Stroke, for low noise and low emission</li> <li>Quick-start - low compression engine for easy starting</li> <li>Auto decompression for easy starting</li> <li>Easy access to spark plug and air filter</li> <li>Light weight design</li> </ul>
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  • Walk Behind – Gas

    <ul> <li>9 HP Honda engine.</li> <li>Air velocity: over 300 km/h</li> <li>3.8 times the air volume of backpack blowers.</li> <li>Ideal for large property and commercial operations.</li> </ul>
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