About The Company

S&S Supply/Crosstown Rentals provides the materials and/or equipment you require, when and where you require it!

S&S Supply was founded and incorporated by Brad Smith in 1995 with an initial capital investment of $50. Today the business is one of the largest rental equipment and supply companies in Newfoundland.


Brad had worked in the equipment rental industry for years prior to starting his own business. He had a career while employed with Complete Rentals and then with Whiteco Rentals and had gained much experience as a supply and sales co-ordinator prior to starting S&S Supply.

"I had always wanted to go into business for myself. I was very familiar with the rental industry as well as various other industries in Newfoundland. I had a great relationship with buyers and I knew them on a first name basis," says Smith.

How It Started:

In 1995, Brad Smith decided to take the risk and start his own company, but he was immediately faced with two challenges. For one, his partner who represented the other 'S' in the company acronym backed out of the company last minute. The other factor he faced was that he had no capital to invest other than $50. That didn't stop him. At the time, the Hibernia off-shore oil drilling operation located in Jeanne d'Arc Basin, 315 kilometers east of St. John's was in full operation. Motivated by his desire to build his own business and the nearby project that had a demand for comsumable products, Brad took on the challenges head on.

Operating originally from his home garage, he built his business by selling power trowels. He then added plate tampers and eventually offered anything else his customers asked for. Within his first few months he reached $700,000 in revenues, but this was just the starting point. Brad knew that S&S Supply could do better and he wanted it to eventually become a full blown rental operation. "That was always in the back of my mind. I started this with the intention of opening my own rental store". That opportunity came to him in 1996.

One year after starting S&S Supply, Brad had the opportunity to purchase Crosstown Rentals from the previous owner. The owner wanted to sell the business to someone who would carry it on and to someone who had a good reputation as a community business person. So Brad bought it.

Since then, he personally worked the rental counter and made job site visits to learn more about his customers. More importantly, he listened and had learned through his interations what equipment customers were seeking. He adopted a policy of stocking anything that was asked for whether he had it or not. The company in very short time had grew its fleet.

As business grew, Brad hired on more knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist in the business' continued growth. Since then, Brad and his team has built up the company to a position where it now holds a multi-million dollar fleet of equipment that is spread across all of Newfoundland.

Brad's Passing:

On July 30, 2018, the owner and founder Brad Smith had passed away after a battle with cancer.